Thursday, June 11

Just Did It

   Friday I went on a lovely date with my man, he took me to see Terminator, which we thoroughly enjoyed.(no spoilers here) After wandering through the mall on blistered feet, he asked me what I wanted to do. The only thing I could think of is "I want new shoes" So off we went trekking through  the two sports stores. Finding nothing to my liking in a price range I could swallow.
  He found Puma's for me, but they are way to lightweight So I talked bribed him into going to Sports Check, plus then I could deposit all my government cheques.
  Upon arriving on the opposite  side of the city, we found freezing cold wind. So off we ran to pursue the beautiful colors and shapes. I found a pair of Nike's but not in a color I liked, and the winning pair of Siren Sport Merrell's.
 (not the exact color, mine have orange instead of white)

They where $20 cheaper then the Nike, plus not in White. They are a beautiful light brown, with orange and lovely mesh that is protected. I am very hard on shoes I've owned Merrell's before, and up until the point they fled my closet to never be seen again. Other then my Emu's, they rated in the top 2 for most comfortable.
   While walking to the bank, Husband announced that I was taking him to B.P.'s for dinner. We shared a lovely salad with a side of Salmon (which was bland) because I'm trying to be healthy.

EDIT: For SmellyAnn.. Photos of my shoes :)


Smellyann said...

I wish I could see the actual sneakers! They sound pretty cool. Sounds like a fun outing with Mr. Darci! :D

Bonnie said...

I need to invest in some good runners too. Those ones are nice! I have weird shaped feet tho so finding shoes is hard! Good luck on your healthy eating!

Smellyann said...

Ooh I love the shoes - very cool!

Mrs4444 said...

Now you've gone and inspired me again! I need new shoes, too. I like that yours will "breathe," which makes them extra comfy. And BTW, I have a wonderful salmon recipe on my cooking blog--very healthy, but VERY delicious. Even without the salsa, it's wonderful:

Rudee said...

My favorite shoes were shockingly orange. They suffered a sad death in the jaws of a dog who was very ill mannered.

Stephanie said...

I enjoyed terminator as well, I didn't think I would.

Jadekitty said...

Mrs.4444 - Merrell's are always a good investment :) I waited a really long time. I should've posted my last pair of runners.

Rudee - Shockingly orange, those I would've loved to seen. Bad puppy.

Steph - I've only seen the one other with Mark and Ruth, but this one was great even if you don't know the story line.

Mel/Bonnie - Thanks :)