Tuesday, June 2

Wife of the week

Why I'm not winning the award:

Incident #1: I bought a few sources of protein and was cooking them up so that I could just whip something up later.
I bought blackberries belch, chemical tasting at 7.99 a container, and the sauce I purchased last time. I was thinking I would make a lovely dinner. I was informed that he doesn't like fish. Which of course gashed my ideas for dinner. Then it hits me, that's one of the things that we had agreed on in the early days of our courtship, neither of us likes seafood. But now I find he does like shrimp, and I enjoy a well flavored seafood dish. not the greasy fish & chips from around here
(on a side note, I redeemed myself by reheating the Italian sausages, and frying up eggs and setting out make your own wraps)

Incident #2: He walked down to meet me at work, but had forgotten his badge. So he waited outside on the bench. I helped someone with an escalation and then went to talk with Jay, I sat on his desk for a while and realized I should probably ring Husband, so I did and his reply was quite abrupt. Not thinking anything of it, about 10 mins later someone mentioned something about my man sitting on a bench outside. It didn't make sense to me, after hearing more details, turns out my man walked down to walk me home, and even stood waving at the windows where he could see us, but we never seen him. Man, did I feel bad. It was one long 5 min, cold walk home that night.

Incident #3: On Sunday his hamstrings were really sore and I jokingly said should I karate chop them? He replied with "yes", So I did. REALLY HARD. Opps, I think he might have teared up a little. I didn't realize how much force I had put into it. Like usual...
But I'm practicing to not be the woman in the video (embedding was disabled) It's a must watch.



Smellyann said...

Aw, you didn't do anything wrong... :(

Lilith Silvermane said...

Tooo funny!

Sounds like me! I swear I have days when I do all these things.

My bad girlfriend of the week moment... Was getting a shoulder massage, went to hug the boyfriend for being sweet.... sliced his nose open with my nail..

Yep... I'm a horrible girlfriend.

Mrs. Wilson said...

Oh boy! I hate those weeks when I feel like a horrible spouse! Hope it gets better :)