Sunday, May 31


9 months later... I pick up with Child number 5, Mr. Levi.
He was a little terror growing up, I remember cleaning up after spilled plants, and extra time spent letting him know that he need to think about what he was going to say, because he stuttered for a year.
He has always been a very diligent hard-working child.

This has carried over to school years and he has become a great student and is amazing organizer and cleaner.

He has always had a six pack and his muscular body, we used to joke about him having more muscles then our 15/16 yr old guy friends!

Now he has a darling in QCI, which he is off sailng off to see every few months.

He is busy working this summer roofing and fund raising for a over sea's missions trip this summer, He is also part of a Drama group at church, where they preform mimes to music for street ministry, something that I was involved with and had helped lead at one time.
This is my old room in the photo of above.


Rudee said...

It's always interesting in the homes where boys grow up. It sounds like you were a good mentor for him.

Bonnie said...

Yay! More sibs posts. Only 3 more to go!

Daring To Dream said...

"He was a little terror growing up" This definitely definitely described Levi!! How about how he used to run around in church hitting girls and guys in the hoo-hoo (if you get my drift [not the bum...])! Gotta laugh thinking back! He did that to me once...and only once!