Wednesday, May 20

You know it's popular when...

You are 25/38/34th in the line for a book or audio recording.

I have to admit I finished reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, which had a chapter of New Moon in the back and now I am hooked. I watched the movie with the Husband earlier. After talking with my S.I.L. and her commenting that the book was better, I thought I would give it try. Honestly though, I found the movie followed the book, to the point I could see the movie playing my in mind while reading, which left no room for my imagination. After getting to the middle my brain finally started making it's own sets and scenes.

Right now I am listening to The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs, which is quite amusing.

I tried going for a run today, something I've been daydreaming about doing for a week or so. It was clear and sunny out(13c) but extremely windy. It felt like I was being pressed backwards, as I struggled forward. There is something in the wind here, which gets stuck in my lungs. It makes me hack, and I can barely breathe. It is one of the most horrible feelings. I had wanted to make it 50 houses, but I made 27 instead.  So I walked up to the corner and turned around. I spotted a green 08 Escape which reminded me of Keith, Camp and the snow from the wedding.

This week has been pretty uneventful, I worked 4 days in a row, clocked my 8 hours of double time and half. I've started this frusterating tradition of getting an hour long call right before my lunch time. An issue which I can't fix and I end up scheduling a tech.  I had a caller last night who was very upset and she kept repeating herself and acting like I was 5 yrs old. (and she told me that too) I had to keep refraining from speaking my mind and finally said that if she didn't want to follow the troubleshooting advice or I could get her a supervisor. To which she said "I am doing it" When I had to call her back, her tone was completely different. We did solve the problem but the internet was still intermittent.

I am freezing right now, but a few days ago I walked out sight and was taken back by the muggy wave hit that hit me. This city has such an extreme range of tempatures. I still wear my snowboarding jacket because at 2 am, it drops drasticlly. Last night there was fine mist coming down, and earlier that day Husband spotted a beautiful snail and he gently put it back on a lawn, to make up for the one he accidently crushed the night before.

Well I don't have much more to say, so I shall end my run on sentences now and fold my laundry.
 A reward for making this far :)
Stolen from Ms. Bobbie-Lisa's photos on Facebook

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Rudee said...

I haven't seen or read twilight. I did read Friday Night Knit CLub, but I can't read more than a page of the sequel without being bored to tears.

I hope you get some better weather soon. It's beautiful in Detroit.