Friday, May 29

8 days later

I have so many post ideas, someday I'll complete them.

In the meantime, I splurge on new runners, got a hair cut yesterday, and was recognized at work for a great call and having great customer surveys. Oh yes I am back to taking phone calls again!
   I'm supposed to be walking to the post office right now to mail my swap package. But Husband delayed that, and then made me some salad, which I promptly spilled on my skirt, and had to change. Which lead me to find the water dish the brat spilled.
  We've been having beautiful sunny days, with snow :) Go figure. I'm reading the White Tie & Decoration book and they said back in the 1930's they didn't get spring until June so nothing shocks me weather wise anymore.
   Well I must finish eating, find shoes appropriate for a short white skirt and run to work.

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