Monday, May 4

Snow & Sunshine

In Prince George for a few more hours. The train ride here didn't seem quite as long, even though we did stop on tracks before Smithers.

To recap, I flew into P.G. spent the afternoon with a friend of Henny's and spent the night with Nathan and Henny, (Henny who packed me a great big delish lunch) and took a bus out to camp, had my first Slurpee, was able to hang out with Keith, Courtney and Jo. I watched Madagascar 2 and as I walked back to my cabin it was snowing!

The next morning everything was covered in a fine layer of snow, Courtney and I went and hung up balloons on the camp sign, the Groomsmen took my camera to town for some fun.

The wedding was beautiful. When the bride read her vows, the words she had written, I started to cry, just remembering the summer and all the emotions she went through. They had a family ceremony, for the bride's daughter, where they all acknowledged their new roles as father, mother and daughter.

The reception was lovely and kid friendly. We had crayons to decorate the paper-covered tables. The father of the bride sung a song, and had people in tears.

I helped clean up after everything was done, then later I went and hid in the staff room, where Keith found me. We started talking about last summer, and I was in tears, so many good memories. Looking a crossed the field, I mentioned it looked like snow. Keith wanted to go for a road trip in his new Escape, so a bunch of us piled in and headed for 7-11. It was snowing huge flakes, almost pre-made snowballs, Keith discovered that we share a mutual enjoyment of computers and we had a good laugh and discussed W.o.w. for part of the trip.

When we came back to camp, after eating the wings we bought, we headed out to Far Point. Which was beautiful and calming. We threw rocks on the ice, and tried skipping them. Finally when our hands were going numb we walked back along the shore, to the old boathouse. Where the ice was thick enough to stand on, which was highlight for me :) We made it back in time for dinner. We started watching Alien, but it was slow and I was falling a sleep so we opted to watch a movie the trailer. Sunday morning we got to raid the kitchen for food, and Keith dropped me off at the hole in wall bus station. It snowed like crazy all the way back to P.G.

I got to hang out with a new friend and her adorable little guy at the park, and we had pizza and watched Surf's up. The new morning, Henny dropped me off at the train station; it was a beautiful ride, the day clear and sunny. I arrived early and no one was there, because the train never arrives early :)

We had pizza in the park, and I spent the first night at Penny's, I took care of Birdy while her mom was roofing and painting signs for my dad. I helped clean a house; I went bowling with Caleb, Mom, Birdy and the B.C. paraplegics’ society and squeaked into third place, winning myself a ten-dollar Tim's Card and a lovely stainless steel coffee mug. I went on a roof and helped clean up, I had a lazy day reading the sun and hanging out with Mom. Attended Speech Arts at the school, Attended a Peruvian fundraising dinner and auction, where I won a loom for $30, now I just have to learn how to use it. (It got left at home, because it was heavy) To finish up the week, I helped with a BBQ, and sunburned my shoulders; we tied with another city for hottest places in the province on Saturday (25 degrees). Went to the trades fair, and sat at my Dad's booth (B.C. Conservatives) Abe took me on a short tour of the fair as it was closing, I was able to check out the new arena. But I didn't see the silly seating. Picked up Bonnie and went to see Ben and Eric, then off to see Jen for a few hours. Which ended at the E.R. because her little guys were sick.

So it was quite an eventful week, and I know there are lots of people that I didn't get to visit. (Sorry)

Sunday morning we took some family photos at the train station; everyone was there except for my darling.
My family seen me off and the service manager Moun said I was the most popular :)

I asked Birdy twice if she wanted to come home with me, and both times she shook her head NO. But then after seeing the train, she changed her mind! I took her and a few of the kids on because we had a few minutes. I was disappointed the conductor didn't blow the whistle as we left. They blew it at every station after that though. Birdy wasn't waving goodbye, she was making the signal for toot the whistle.

I missed every evening event I wanted to attend. Some I forgot, others I ended up being busy helping out with things. Didn't renew my driver's license or get my dental records. The visit wasn't long enough, and I was a little sad to realize, I had to spend so much time waiting in P.G. when I could've been hanging with the family. Plus I have a 4-hour layover in Van tonight. I've read all my books, and I didn't do any knitting.

I think now I am going to find out who got kicked off of Survivor and find a sweater. Soon I will catch up on my commenting on everyone's blogs.

Have I mentioned yet that my dad is running for MLA in the Skeena area? 

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Rudee said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Leaving or going home is always a little bittersweet. Maybe sometime soon you can live near your family again. Safe journey.