Tuesday, April 28

Home Sweet Home.

After a very long train ride, I arrive to the most beautiful sunny evening. It was balmy and warm, and no one was there to meet me. :(
The train arrived early! So I started walking towards my sister's house and spotted a pay phone on main street. I called my dad, who came and picked up me. (I could have made it to my sisters in about the same amount of time)
My little niece is so grown up! I was so excited to see everyone, I was mobbed at the door by 4 or 5 siblings. Oh I here my little birdy, to be continued


Bonnie said...

Yay!!!! I can't wait to see you!!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I hope you have a great visit!!

Smellyann said...

Hey, I'm finally catching up on blogs. Hope you're having (or had) a good time in BC! Hope the wedding is grand, too.