Sunday, April 12

Easter Sunday

Coming to the old rugged cross, a burden of offense on my heart.

Wanting to take part in the bread and wine,
but knowing until matters are presented to the offended, my guilt will not depart.

Please do not mistake my lack of participation for a lack of knowledge or care.

With these actions, I choose now to fully face,
the burden that He chose to bear.

My choices have left lasting marks on life,
which mirror the scars He has on His hands and feet.

So thankful I can lay my sins at the foot of the wonderful cross,
that His choices mean I am never to walk in defeat.

He took on the unimaginable, walked among the dead, forsaking His Father's face.

Cleansing the past, present, and future,
removing what divided me from forgiveness,
creating everyone an everlasting place.

From Drop Box

*written from the burden on my heart while quietly preparing my heart for worship, on Good Friday

*Photo: Daxter with my forever lilies