Monday, April 6

$5 and stretch

  So tonight as I lay in bed praying, thinking, and generally having epiphany's, I realize I had not eaten any protein today. So I'm not sure what to blame my wakefulness on hormones, lack of nutrition, not enough journal time but it's bring you this blog post.
We went down to the water front and I bought a large chai latte and it was over $5.  It has been such a long time since I indulged and let me tell you, it was wonderful. I still have the cup sitting here by my computer as a reminder of that lovely day.
But it also works against me because it makes me want another Starbucks Chai latte, but it also reminds of what else five bucks can buy; like dinner for the husband and me twice over. Protein shake from Booster Juice (a place I wanted to bring to my small home town, but that's another story)

 I've been reading a blog called $5 dinners, and  it has some great ideas. If you have car and buy things in bulk or on sale.
The one sale part I try and do. But I can only buy as much as we can carry, which frustrates me to no end.

If I was organized I would meal plan, and then go to Costco with friends. But I am finding though self-examination lying in bed that I am very short term minded.

I only like to plan for a few days. Anything pass that stressed me out. When I planning anything major my mind becomes focused on it and all my energy goes into preparing for that event/day. The part that stresses me out is when it's simple things like dentist appointments or even my next cleaning day, that shouldn't take up any head space.

I keep talking about a menu plan, but do you think I could get the mister to give me any ideas for what he would like?
  Example: I made potato & anise soup (supposed to be leeks not anise, but I suck at figuring out which vegetable should be under which sign. Brought it home, smelt it and told Mr.Darcy "this is not a leek, it smells like licorice", but I put it into the soup anyway)  I froze half of it, and tonight I made it because I was hungry after our routine 6 hour Sunday nap. His response "oh, I wanted mushroom soup, guess I didn't speak up in time" In the end though he did say it was really good.
So maybe I should stop focusing on trying to please him and just make what I feel like eating.  oh yes, to my point.

I admire my sister and my mother's way of being able to whip up a lovely balanced supper. I like to have variety when I eat, not eating the leftovers twice in a row, I like to think I lean towards a Macrobiotic diet.
Where as poor Mr. Darcy has special picky eating habits.
  • All food is better cold
  • Will eat the same thing for a week straight
  • Needs/likes to eat singular foods as a meal
  • Only eats 2 meals a day with lots of snacks
  • Avoids gluten like an enemy
  • Will always make veggie wraps if encouraged to cook.
 I find myself desiring to bake, to make sweet & sugary treats or breads. All things which my body does not need.
 It's difficult to apply the knowledge about food and healthy eating when you are hungry or rushed. or just plain lazy I now see why people eat out or purchased foods. Sometimes when I think about how living on take-out is a lifestyle it can blow my mind, because of my childhood. But all I have to do is look around my life and my history of weight gain and loss and I am instantly in the busy woman's shoes.

Oh how I day dream of the lazy days of house keeping and cooking with time left over for creating things. 

Perhaps I was born in the wrong era.

(My main problem being that I'm lazy) There I said it. Now I must work changing it.


Eternity said...

I think that I can see why we get along so well. I feel like I could have written this entry. I love you girl.

Rudee said...

I used to cook all of the time, but now that we all work evenings, that doesn't happen too often. I think one thing that may help is to make a generic sauce that can go on anything, then freeze it. Use when needed. Besides sugary carbs, I don't think any foods are bad-just our portions are really. You can bake some lovely whole grain breads that are good for you.

Smellyann said...

I had to laugh out loud when I read that you accidentally bought anise instead of leeks and put it in the soup anyway! Too funny, Darci!! I can't believe it was still good!

Meal planning and shopping is a huge chore for me. But it's worth it to know there are always ideas in the pantry and freezer, if we are staying in for dinner. Speaking of which, I'm a week overdue for a shopping trip...

Jadekitty said...

Eternity - We should make a list of things we have in common!

Rudee - I hear your on the night shift make cooking hard.
The sauce idea is great!

Smelly-Meal planning would be so much better if I could do it with someone :) I've been wishing I could buy in bulk so that I have to throw away less packaging recently.

Lilith Silvermane said...

Good idea! Planning is nice, and a few days is a GREAT start.

I am checking into the tax receipt for the breast cancer thing. I never thought about it so I called the cooridinator

Jadekitty said...

Thanks Lilith!