Wednesday, April 22

how (not) to do your taxes 101

  • Check the mail for the third week in a row waiting for the Husband's T4's
  • Get excited because Revenue Canada has mailed something to the Husband.
  • Get home from the gym, open the mail, become frustrated because it's not T4's but be happy because it is money!
  • Search email at least 3 times and check 2 other email address for login information.
  • Play soothing music on Itunes.
  • Request UID from QuickTax
  •  Read a few pages in: Does my head look big in this? by Randa Abdel-Fattah while waiting for Quick Tax to load the first UID.
  • Updated info, find out this is not the correct UID.
  • Boil water for tea, eat a bun made by the pastor from the leftovers they dropped off.
  • Login on 2nd UID, read a few more pages, Aha, this is the correct UID.
  • Start writing a blog post while waiting for the UID to import last year's information.
  • Pick out tea bag while waiting for pages to load.
  • Figure out what determines where your permanent residence is.
  • Retreive steeped tea
  • Finally get to enter your T4's.
  • Make piles of paper for the cat to lie on.
  • Enter 2 T4's
  • Start e-mail to MIL,
  • Enter 2 other T4's and keep going till you hit the donations screen
  • Look up a movie
  • Moving expenses? Where are my Canada Post receipts.
  • Look for receipts for shipping my belongings.
  • Program times out. UGH
  • Logged back in, back to the donations screen.
  • Move cat off of donation papers for the tenth time.
  • Enter all the donation information again
  • Find out Terrace isn't listed in the Zone A 0r B for remote-ness, so no money back for that.
  • Warning says to transfer my donations to next year because I didn't make enough for the amount I donated.
  • Another warning - You haven't entered Spouse's info.
  • Give up for the day after twittering about it.
  • Receive an inquiry from Quick Tax on Twitter, reply to it and never hear anything back.
  • Receive Husband's T4's the next day,
  • Put it off until you have 3-4 hours
  • Figure out how to do both of your returns at the same time.
  • Husbands offers to spend $50 on your for doing his taxes too.
  • Get stuck on screen asking for actual education receipt. 
  • Go take a long bath and worry about it when it's 8 am in BC again

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Rudee said...

Sounds too much like a job. I hope the payoff was decent.