Friday, April 10

a deluge of thoughts

No, they are starting to escape me. Or maybe that's just my self-labeled A.D.D. kicking in. 
so here we go in point form
  • I want to take an English course, because I want to learn more about this lovely language that I speak and write in. To know that I am writing properly, because I write like my father. Short and to the point. Abrupt and with poor grammar. It keeps me from sharing my thoughts because I doubt myself. I wonder if I am funny, entertaining and though provoking, or if my words betray my lack of education.
  • I need to set up boundaries in my brain for this blog. (I might be repeating myself) But I want to know clearly what I can talk about here and what I can't. 
  • I need to start a knitting project that I can finish and be proud of. Also I would love to take a class or learn from someone.
  • I know I said in my another post that I am very short sighted. Let me revise that I am stuck in a temporary mindset. Like living on the East Coast is just for a short time. So I don't spend the time getting to know people here, because we will be leaving eventually, I can be miserable because of it, and many things suffer including career, further education, and financial stability.
  • I need to get my taxes done.. and submit our benefits claims. This one is eating at me because I have to wait for Mr.Darcy's T4's and he's been getting the run around from Revenue Canada.  Plus I like to wait to have everything in my hand. Which leads me to some procrastinating. 
  • I am blown away by all the comments on my TV post, Thank you everyone! I appreciate the feedback and interaction so much. It was one of those random thoughts and I didn't expect anyone to really respond and then there were 10 comments!
  • I killed the plant in my header, (Le sigh) There isn't any direct sunlight in our dungeon, and then I forgot it outside and it went below zero.
  • I need to take photos of my inner child paintings (you will understand when you see them)
  • I can't decided if I want to find a loving home for Daxter here, or keep him.
  • I am way to dependent on a the spell check
  • It's light outside, so I am going to see what the weather is like!


Mrs. Wilson said...

I like the tidbit posts :)

I do hope you get to know some people over there. Moving can be quite lonely :(

Smellyann said...

I feel like you need a hug. So, ((((HUGS))))

Jadekitty said...

Mrs. Wilson - I've met great people, but I always assume that people will make the effort to contact me if they want to hang out, which is hard when everyone is busy. So I'm learning to step outside of that!

Smelly - Thanks!

Rudee said...

First, it's your blog so write about whatever you'd like. It's all good reading to me.

Second, make shorter lists and start with the knitting class. Once you know more, it's a zen type of experience. You'll travel far and wide in your mind, and all the while you'll be knitting something cozy. The other benefit to this kind of class is you're sure to meet some people that you can call friends.

Mrs4444 said...

I like Rudee's advice :)

Welcome to FF--It's great to meet you. I enjoyed the mood of this post. So sorry to hear about that plant; it is (was) gorgeous. At least you have a photo of it!

I would love to see those paintings, seriously. Off to read your TV post :)

Juton said...

All I shall say, that that I am ever near, and from you I shall not flee! Seek my wisdom and together inside yourself you might see, clearly a picture not of the past of a future that might come to be.

Jadekitty said...

Rudee - I need to find a small shop that sells yarn, or maybe Michael's will do a class. I've already found it to be therapy, but I have to becareful with my wrists.

Mrs.4444 - Thank you! Photos have been taken, now I just need to post them.

Jadekitty said...

Juton-My dreams for the future are bigger then you realize, dear Husband.