Tuesday, April 21


We had big plans to go to Labels and then to Value Village and Avalon Software and to Chapters and maybe a movie.
 But first we had to catch a bus, we missed the first one we wanted because the Husband needed to run and pick up his new to him Ipod, which means I get his handy me down 1gb nano (my phone has a 2 gb card, but Telus hates me)
  So we start making the ten min hike to the bus stop, and we spot it waiting.So we both start running, and I start to die half way, because I suck at running. The Husband makes it to the back of the bus as it pulls away. Which really makes me mad, like the bus driver was watching or something. The part that irks me the most is that not even 5 mins before I seen another bus stop, when he noticed this little old lady running after it. I was blown away, and then to have our bus just take off like that.. GRRR. So we decided to skip the Village Mall and go straight to V.V.   We made it there about an hour later (buses take forever here)
I was primarily looking for knitting needles and other crafting things. At first I was totally bummed out, but then I found two bins hiding under old duvets. I scored this: for all about 6.50!  I also found two huge mens sweaters that I am going to take a part and re knit. Husband found lots of shirts, and I snagged a few books :) In total we spent 70.01.
After that we made a pit stop at Chapters so I could get a Chai Latte, and then made our way to the mall to get food.
but we made it to the bank, and spent most of our lovely saturday in V.V.
   Then we went to the mall for food and perused a few shoe stores, and catch a cab home, which was over 17 dollars, so we decided the bus it is.. But I am getting a montly pass because I hate scrounging for change everytime I want to go somewhere.  Plus I just did my taxes and you can claim your passes on there. Which is always a bonus.
I do have photos but I must run, so I might upload them later.


Rudee said...

That was a action packed day. I can't wait to see what you scored at the shop.

Bonnie said...

I hate it when busses do that! Its sooo annoying. I am claiming my bus passes :) I have about a years worth! They are much nicer than paying each time.