Monday, April 20

Make-Do Mondays

Creator of Make-Do Monday's

When I look around our little nest, most everything is make do to the point where I feel like I am complaining in my head every time I start to write this post. Which is absurd, because we have been given so much and I very grateful.
 One of the items I found in laundry room was a small shelf, I knew it was there, holding empty boxes and lace curtains.  But I didn't realize it was part of an entertainment center with adjustable shelves. So I moved dragged it crossed the hallway, and it became my new clothes catch all dresser. I've wanted one for months. Good things happen when you try and fix your dryer :)
 No photos yet because the husband is sleeping.


Rudee said...

It's always good when you can put something old to a new use. I've been considering my tired old end tables in my family room. I envision a mosiac tiled matching set of tables. Never mind I've never in my life tiled anything, I'm convinced this is a job I can do.

Jadekitty said...

I believe there are many types of tile, some easier then others! I'm sure once you've done it, you might end up wanting to tile other things to match!