Thursday, April 23

I'm leaving on a jet plane.

By the time you read this I will be BC bound!!!
  When I came out East I booked my ticket with RBC Avion points, so I had a return ticket to use up.
Turns out now is a great time!
My best est friend from Camp Sagitawa is getting married this weekend. So I'm going to stop in there and then proceed to the little hamlet I used to call home.

I'm just hoping that the Husband and Daxter can handle living together for almost two weeks. Without me to mediate or feed them, or clean up after them. Should be interesting :) I know the Husband can handle the cleaning and feeding when he wants too.

He did his first load of laundry in the history of our washer and dryer on Sunday. At 2am! I had to smile when he asked me if he could. My only thought was hopefully the upstairs people won't hear it.

Back to my trip. I will be home for almost a week. Then's back to Prince George and then flying home from there because I was able to book free VIARail train rides :)

Now I just have to decided what I am bring back with me. Maybe the crock pot, our silverware set. All my summer clothes.
Oh yeah, did I mention that we aren't moving back to B.C. this summer as we thought? Back to Plan A. Pay of debt and then move back.
  It's growing on me out here. I miss my family and friends a lot, and my car. But a city is a city. Plus we both have decent jobs.

So I should have lots to post about in the coming weeks. At least lots of photos. I will probably be offline until at least Tuesday night. Unless I snag a computer along the way.
You can be praying for me, because I'm not quite sure, how I am making all my connections or where I am staying in Prince George, but I have contacts. So hopefully I have it all sorted by the time I need to sleep.
I am arriving in P.G. around 3 pm, and I think I am taking a bus to Camp the next morning, (my other option is arrive at 4am, No thanks) Then I will get to help with wedding prep and all that lovely stuff. Hang out with new/old friends for the weekend and watch a miracle happen :) More about that later.


Rudee said...

Good for you. Have a great time and a safe journey.

yourlandlord said...


As your landlord I do not appreciate the negative/hurtful comments you have made on your blog about us. We lead normal lives on a normal schedule, forgive us if we must get up each day and get ourselves and our children ready for school and work.

I have forwarded all of the negative comments made on you blog to my lawyer as well as a copy of the notice to vacate for June 30th as you did not sign the rental agreement provided.

As I had previously mentioned, if you want to leave earlier than June 30th, I am more than willing to accomadate just let us know. My sister is moving in on July 1st.

I do not believe you are malicious in your intent but please refrain from making any comments on your site about us. I have sent you an email on facebook referring to issues as my intent is not to embaress you in this forum. I for one try to live the best life I can lead and negativity is never rewarded. I wish you and Corbett the best that life has to offer!

Your Landlord