Friday, July 10

Friday is here again.

 4 am seems like a great time for me write funny, weird things. I find my brain is just spilling over with randomness, expect now that I'm writing this I can't remember what I found so humorous that made stop writing my over post mid paragraph. Oh well it will come back to me.
Random Darcisim: I hate writing drafts, and proof reading my own work. My brain fills in the missing words normally and it's quite embarrassing.
It's pay day week, I realized this on Sunday, and thought didn't we just get paid? Time flies when you are stressed.
Check out the beautiful song at the bottom of my page.
I better finish this later so as to not disturb the hermit.
Look for a new Lol cat featuring one of my babies on the side bar(to change when ever I get inspired)
I decided to take Mr.Darcy on a Puma shoe hunt, because is the odd sort of man who can never have to many shoes, besides that I am looking for some stiletto's. I've been inspired by the song Red high heels(?) But instead of either option I found a pair of silver shiny Nike knock offs for 9 bucks at wally world. Yea!
The reason I needed these shoes is Mr.Darcy has been shooting hoops at MUN's Gym, and they have this lovely track area that I can walk around, but you gotta have indoor shoes. Plus I threw out my oldies but goodies when we moved.
If my cat goes missing, don't blame me, he isn't adjusting well and keeps crying and trying to get into locked rooms. SOOO Frusterating, plus he's being naughty lately. To remedy my cat problems I am going to give him fake nails!
Your ISP tech support does not include finding your mouse pointer on your screen. I don't care if you are smoking crack or accidently using the little rollie mouse ball in the midddle of the keyboard. You must call Toshiba for this.
Also if someone accidently sets your adobe reader to Japanese, this is something else I can't help you with. I did not write the program for viewing your bill. You need to either find the culprit and make them undo it or call someone else. Oh yes and my favorite escalation ever: IF your computer won't turn, don't call us first. it ain't our problem. EVER!!!
I am listening to a books about brains and everything my gray matter clicking. Aha, that's why I am more creative/slightly physco & can't control my mouth after not sleep for 24 hours.  So far it's a great book and now I want a to get a brain scan done, so I can see the condition of my pretty little head. With all my training the brain is the one organ I can't view on my machine. but it controls EVERYTHING..
It looks like I am moving again, but this time better be more permanet and a much better option, more co-op family living style. and two mins from work again!!
I am a workaholic, but that is driven my circumstances, lack of self control so I might go do OT today, because it's being offered, and I'm only scheduled 24 hours a week. Plus I'm thinking of getting a second job that is for fun/love/money.
or going to school. But working just seems like the easy way out. No tests and they pay me.
I have a brother in Japan, and I have to say I wish I was with him.
Most days I am singing I HATES THIS"insert random obejct" Hates this is very newfie, and another one I learned is. Landing tits up. (HAHAHAHAH)  Not that you want your kidlets saying it but I crack up everytime. Also popular slang is I am so Savage or contray, another two faves for describing how customers can make me get.

Well people I hope I didn't overload your system with info :)


Mrs4444 said...

I just yesterday said that the company my husband left last year had gone "tits-up," meaning it "died" (went bankrupt). Regional expressions are fun!

Brain research is fascinating to me, too. Seems like a roll of the dice for some folks (unfair that some genes end up being carried on to people like my students!)

Poor kitty...

I have to tell you (cuz I'm just that way) that I find your text really difficult to read with all of the dots in the background. Is it just me and my aging eyes??

Mrs4444 said...

Woohoo! It's GORGEOUS in here!!

Sara Bonds said...

WOW. Great post.

Getting paid is awesome!

I hope kitty doesn't end up outside :o(

Your tech talk cracks me up. My hubs is an IT Specialist and Programmer. He works for a cable company and also owns a computer repair and technology solutions company. So, I can TOTALLY relate to your frustrations on that subject.

I am a workaholic too. It's too bad to even get into. LOL!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Great fragments! Too funny that you were looking for stiletto's and ended up with Nike knock-offs...sounds like something I would do! ;)

Happy FF a day late! :)

Smellyann said...

Moving again? Are you happy about this?

Jadekitty said...

I am very happy about the movie Smelly!

Mrs.4444-thanks for the tip about my backround. I've really enjoyed reading the stories about your school days.

Sara- So you are all hooked for any computer/cable issues :) Guess I won't ever get you on my line!

Stacy-Someday I am getting those stilettos. Not sure where I'm going to wear them yet. Maybe while I'm vaumming.