Tuesday, July 21

Dear Blog,
  Have you missed me?
Life has been a little insane, I am still waiting to find out what the new normal will be.

So far in the 21 days that have passed, I've moved twice, had 8 different room-mates.
 Worked 10 days outta 21, chased the dog down the street bare footed, broken up cat fights.
Gotten up at 7 am, and slept in till noon. Hung laundry on the line, and breathed in the fresh scent as I'm taking it down and folding it.
  I've had crazy wild goose hunt adventures with Mr.Darcy, bought 4 t-shirts for $10, taken a short but expensive cab ride. Seen Harry Potter, shopped till I dropped. Found the perfect pair of Puma's for a killer deal ($49.97) for the mister.
  Done church set up 3 times while wishing I had slept more. Ran the track at Field house in a minute. Played B-Ball twice, missed playing ultimate.
  Thought about finding a second job, walked to work in under 4 minutes. Dyed my hair a ginger red. Been hit on because of said hair once.
Got caught in the rain twice, had to wait twenty minutes for a bus home. 
Broken nails below the quick, and gotten bruises in strange places.
Watched more cable tv then I know is healthy, done yoga, and felt like I was going to pass out.
 Gone to the library and picked up books on money, knitting, crafts and Rhett Butler. 
I've missed you blogger, but I am living life to the fullest right now. It's summer, and I've got to seize the moments I have in Newfoundland. Because I never know when my time may be up.
   Your faithful friend
PS. I've been composing posts in my head while I walk, someday I will actually put them on paper the internet.


Smellyann said...

Sounds like you're having a good time - I'm glad!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Welcome back!

Rudee said...

Sheesh Mrs Darci! No wonder you're tired. I'm tired for you, but I'm also highly entertained by all you've accomplished in 21 days.

I hope it didn't rain on your ginger red head!