Sunday, August 2

Waste is waste

I sit here clicking accept, yes repeatedly and the thought hits me. If my time is worth money, and I am sitting here "wasting" it by playing farmtown/farmville any other mindless facebook application I might as well be throwing money out the window. These "things" I am using my time money on, might as well be an addiction. I can understand how some people men enjoy shooter games, because it allows them some twisted sense of accomplishment and DE-stresses them.
  But I can't knit or accomplish anything playing games on the computer. In my opinion it's just as bad as smoking, drinking, overeating and anything else that hurts your body.
   On this note I'm off to watch tv, or download a knitting pattern.
Ps the watch tv part is so I can finish my blanket for the care packages, Mel!!


Smellyann said...

:D Awesome, I need to get off this thing and go knit myself!! Have fun watching tv and knitting :D

Rudee said...

I hear you. It is one giant mind and time wasting device. If I could decide what to knit, I'd be off knitting, too.