Sunday, August 23

Getting older

I might have had a birthday a week ago, but I've decided that I'm 25 this year. 
  The bad news is that I've been sick for three weeks, and I've finally started to feel better over the weekend. I've been off for two weeks, and I managed to burn my arm in the shape of number 10. I was mowing the front lawn and for some reason through my clouded judgement, I thought I could lift the lawnmower over a board. I heard my skin sizzle, and I put the lawn mower down really fast and went running into the house to find some ice.
  The medical system here is failing horribly. That is all I'm going to say for now.

My new roommate Ms. M.(the only other female in the house) and I have been really busy. We've painted, shopped for new curtains, and art. The landlord removed some items left behind last week, and also took the washer and dryer, sadly replacing them with a leaking set. Which meant we had to rip everything out of the laundry room. We then moved on to organizing everything in it, and in the computer lab. We then moved on to the disaster area we now call the Rec room. Where my computer is finally set up on a lovely little desk. Maybe tonight I will snap some photos.
  The men were amazed at how nice everything looks. Yes we are amazing. :)

This weekend we are getting blown around by Hurricane Bill and all his bluster, the eye of the storm is supposed to be passing over us today.

Next time I shall tell you the tale of a failed surprise party which Mr.Darcy tried to plan for me.


Rudee said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you stay dry.

Smellyann said...

Hey, now I'm playing catch up! Happy birthday!!! I hope it was good one. Can't wait to hear about this party...???

Sorry you were sick and got hit by Bill all at once. Boy! Hope everything's better now!