Friday, August 14


  • Some days I don't know what to write here, cause I want to be transparent, but I am to afraid to share my real issues. which is freaking sad, cause this mine and only mine. 
  • I will comment on your blog if you comment back. Yes it's selfish, but I hate the drama. I love reading certain blogs, and I love that some of you are so faithful to me. I want to be faithful back. 
  • I am messed up. Deal with it. Cause I have to every single freaking day of my adult/youth life.
  • I am turning 25, and if you have any issues with it. You can file them on the cross road of I DON'T CARE street and Take a long walk off a short plank dr. Thanks.
  • If you love someone you have to fight for them. I need you to fight along side of me. Not with me or against me.
  • How long should a person who calls a helpline have to wait?
  • So far I've been to the doctor's three times (4 if you count the 8 hours I waited and didn't see a doctor)  I've gotten a come back in a few days, and a hmm your back muscles are spasming let met give drugs, and a make another appointment for a lady test. Every are so fast with you, but slow to give you the referrals you need to get help. I HATE IT.


TimW said...

While you endure the wait of our medical system, let me suggest some encouraging spiritual medicine. It is a skit that you will find at and also via Tangle called "God's Chisel". I think you it will speak to you. We watched it in church last Sunday. Be encouraged by the only one who can love you perfectly.

Mrs. Wilson said...

Goodness. Sorry you're having a hard time!!

Rudee said...

Back pain is hard to endure. I hope you get some relief soon. Once you do, try some gentle yoga. I think you'll find it makes a difference in both body and mind.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for always commenting on my posts, your pretty much the only one that does these days.

You should start a video blog :)

Clover said...

i love keepin' up with your blog... in all my shyness i feel like i know you better than when you lived here because of the neutral yet personal way blogs can be. but i sure do miss you being here, go figure :D. i appreciate you much, think of you often, and accept you messed up and warty, cuz thats just like me! :D