Monday, August 31

Un-Surprise Birthday

Since my lovely sister was sick, she updated her face book photos of my little Birdy. But I realized maybe I should ask her permission before spamming Birdies photo all over the intranet. So until then I shall tide you over with a short story.

One night Mr. Darcy and I are walking home from work (that strange place I haven't had to see for 3 weeks) and I asked him to plan a party for me, because birthdays are a really big deal to me.  He agrees; and I go on to say how I would love to have a surprise party, but since I already asked him to plan something it can't be a surprise anymore. But I forgot one key factor here. This is THE Mr. Darcy we are talking about here. Probably the only person who can actually pull the wool over my eyes.

 Well that is when he is working with my family or alone. Apparently when announcing the plans for my "Surprise" Party he forgot to make the surprise party part clear to everyone. So needless to say, I was tormenting someone at work about missing my birthday, even though it landed on a Sunday and I didn't plan on or was scheduled to be a work. He did the wink wink nudge nudge thing, and I was totally lost. But then it hits me. I bet we are going bowling for my birthday.  So that night while I'm trying to drift off one of the things that pops into my head and whips out of my mouth before I can stop it is "Hunny, are you taking my bowling for my birthday?"  I get the response "Roll over and shaddup if you want cuddles" BINGO... I figured it out.  The next day a roommate asks me the a question about bowling and finds out that it's supposed to be a surprise. Clue 3: on Sunday one of the ladies asks me about bowling and gives me her idea of which night would be best, and I'm shocked and surprised, and mildly irritated at this point, so I replied "Talk to Mr. Darcy" Not realizing everyone was clueless about the surprise. Clue 4: I get text messages about my party, to which I only responded partially because I wasn't sure if I had text messaging on my phone, and by this point I don't want to hear another freaking thing about my birthday party. (Side note: during this whole time, I'm sick and grumpy)

Poor Mr.Darcy feels terrible that people didn't listen to him, and finally says well when you are feeling well enough we will do something. So I picked my actual birthday to be better on and we planned to go for lunch, and then mini golfing in the mall with black lights, and then wander the market that opens every Sunday evening after the mall closes.

Well we did the dinner on Saturday night, and I couldn't eat anything either day, the mini golfing was really difficult and I was just happy to not lose the small amount of food I ate. But the company was great, and then they all sang happy birthday in the movie consession area.
 I went home and enjoyed a 4 hour nap, and made everyone wait till Tuesday to sing happy birthday at home and eat lemon meringue pie, and even then I don't think I ate my piece until Thursday.

The only thing missing was the birthday candles... oh and the fact my whole family and best friends didn't call until a day late at least. Thank goodness for Face book wall :)

Ps No editing has been done to the grammar or sentence structure, and I should be sleeping right now. Instead I go to raid the kitchen. 


Rudee said...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Darcy.

Smellyann said...

Happy birthday (belated)!! I hope you had some fun, anyway! :D