Monday, August 10

Verbal Explosion

  • Hello Fashion Dictators/creators - I am not a one size fits all girl. Do you understand me? It's hard on the ego when my bottom is a size 11 gap jean size, and my top is a size 2 Ricki''s button down dress shirt. See when I look in the mirror, I see a nice round arse, and a Hmongo melon size tata's. So technically I should be a 12 on top and a 2 on the bottom. Right?? Or is the mirror lying to me? Stacey, Clinton, what's your opinion on this?
  • Always log your self out of things like Face book, or your wife might take you seriously, and get outta bed (so you can sleep) And play in your farm.. Until 5 am. "How you like them Apples?"
  • I figured out how to manipulate farm town so everyone profits, why do I feel like an evil genius?
  • I was thinking about writing a letter trying to explain my angry feelings. But I didn't want the receiver to be offended by it. But of course they might be, no matter how I started the letter. But then it dawned on me, what if I started every sentence with Oh Darling, and ended it with sentences like, That's how I like it, or Just like that, or Oh Baby, and then read the letter aloud, using a low breathy voice. Let's take a moment and imagine this. ....... All set.. Do you think you could get angry hearing that? Then I realized I would have to practice it and then record it so I could lip sync to it. Because seriously, could you make it through a letter like that with out busting up?
  • Some days my mind ends up in the gutter, mostly turning the strangest thoughts into funny/creepy pick up lines.. Like "How about you come home, and I trim your wick" Long story. Ask me sometime!
  • Internet Explorer 8 + Face book = Major Fail. Why? when I tried to type anything in my status or comments it would stay Grey, yes I trouble shoot Internet 24 hours a week. NO I don't care enough to figure out what is wrong. How I solved the problem? Download Google Chrome. I ¡²³¤€¼½¾‘ø¥øáé®þüñ©µµ¶¶´öüÚÍÖÓ¨°ØЧÁÆ¢¢ÑÇ¿çµñ©æßðø«öíúüþ®éåå䀤 Ahem HEART YOU Google. (where the frig is the heart symbol, someone plz enlighten me)
  • I am homesick... I start to tear up thinking about everyone at home enjoying the heatwave, camping, Riverboat days, Lost lake, QCI - Ed ge of the world Music festival, raspberries, huckleberries, dirt roads, skinny dipping, cliff jumping, bike riding, dirt bikes, hiking, oh yeah and the monkeys that live in the family
    zoo. I want to travel light speed home, and come back for work. :((
  • The island is similar to N.W. BC, but just not the same. A plus is where I live there are rarely any bugs, because it's way to windy for them to bother. Plus there isn't much fresh water that sits still to spawn the larvae. But the smell that came off the creek was so reminiscent of clay mud/the frog pond I gagged every time I had to go outside of work. Oh the memories of tadpole fishing.
  • Uh oh Mr. J's alarm just went off. That means its 5:30. Fri-ck. I was supposed to sleep. only 10.5 hours left until I am back at work for 8.
  • I will have to do a post soon about all the new colorful characters in my life storybook. (new roomies, and pets)
  • Hi Elle!
  • Work is "interesting", code for an emotional train ride that is going to go over a non existent train trestle every other freaking day week or so. Don't ask. I probably shouldn't blog about it. Might get fired. (since we've been threatened by previous people in regards to my blogging, I try and avoid talking about the over sensitive people in my life, until they grow thicker skin.)
  • If you grew up here, why would you leave?
  • It's the oddest feeling to see a best friend's (that you've known since your birth) grandpa on FB. You know the people that you think are old when you are 10ish....


Rudee said...

I've so much to say that I simply can't because many of the people I work or used to work with still read my blog. I guess it's better to bite my tongue and still my fingers on the keyboard.

Smellyann said...

You totally cracked me up with the letter-writing idea! Do it!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I'm not a fan of sizes either. They should ALL BE THE SAME!!

Elle said...

Hi Darci! :) It's Elle here, tks for the mention in the blog, it put a big smile on my face!! :)