Friday, July 17

Is it the weekend yet?

She is the genius who created this lovely day, which fits my style of blogging. You must go check out her blog!

EDIT: This post was written 07/07/09-- Did anyone actually read it??

 I have so many random things running through my head.. guess that's what happens when you pull awake-athon. Bad DARCI.
I made it through work alive and awake, and I am now feeling ill. Don't worry it's not contagious or degenerative. But with my mood right now I couldn't care less if it was H1N1. I so wish I could ask Ms.HipHop to put head phones on, but I am going to settle for a cuppa, a hot bath, and some over the counter narcotics pharmaceuticals, mixed with a Booster wrap and a book.

  I tried to punish myself for not sleeping this morning by walking to work.. I think I made it an 8th of the way and I met a bus at it's stop.. and all my will power dissolved. You know that quote "Do one thing that scares you" I thought someone was going to t bone the bus this morning, because he stopped way past the line and over the side walk..

Edit: Wishes do come true, Ms. HipHop has left the house, therefore the music has been silenced praise the Almighty
Now where was I going with this again?

So the bus... I caught the wrong one home. I had started to feel weak/faint and had put in 10 hours at work, so I thought "I'll grab the 7:15 home", which was actually early. This is a first in the history of the #3, I swear. Then he tells me that he doesn't go down my street because he is heading to the garage.. BOO.. it's lovely soft warm night, so I walk down my lovely cove rd, and I forgot to look how look it took walking at my snail pace. Anyways along the way this jerk wad guy in a black and orange, camarao/mustang 80's looking muscle car drives by, and as he gets a head he revs his engine, and immediately has to break after speeding up. I'm thinking "GEEEZ  did you have to be so immature, I have to breath that air now"
A few moments later I'm catching up to him parked at the curb and as I draw closer, what does he do? He revs his engine again, a few times, not only is it loud, I see the black exhaust poring out. I wanted to to flip him the bird as I walked by inches from his open passenger window, but of course that's not me, lady-like or what Jesus would do. So kept going, and ended up waving my hand in front of my face like he stank, mostly though so I could breath through the fumes. I don't think he would pass Air Care in Vancouver. Bye-Bye Beastly car exhaust.

Now was there anything else interesting... hmmm, most of it will end up in Friday Fragments so come back for that.

Oh yeah, if you read just leave a foot print in the comments.. AS IN I WAS HERE. I really feel like the people that I started writing this blog for don't care any more.. HELLO NORTH WEST COASTERS????????? I think I hear a response but don't let it be just my echo.

To answer the title, Yes, Yes it is Friday. But before you panic and try to figure what time zone I've moved too, It's my Friday meaning I get the next two days off and paid tonight. Yea for me.

Oh, I found an interesting bathing suit yesterday, but it would take some sewing to make it work for me. It was a combo of all the things I turn my nose up in a suit. 1 piece, polka dots, and halter. But it was very retro and cute, and it came down over my thighs covering my troublesome areas.

Grr, I think I waited to long for that bathe. Someone came home and went in there, and I hear the sounds of water running again.

When I wasn't on the phone today, I couldn't make my words come out in the right order, so if this post is Topsy turvy you will know why.

I just proof read my post, which is probably a good thing, or y'all would be laughing yourselves silly. AHEM.. I was missing words, put random ones in the sentences. But don't worry I've spared of the worst I think..

Now off to steam up the itty bitty bathroom.


Clover said...

big toe, toe, toe, toe, little toe... ball, heel.

<3 u!

Rudee said...

Have a great "weekend." I wish it was Friday for real. Alas, I've two more days.

Unknown Mami said...

Unknown Mami was here.

I say make the alterations to the bathing suit. If you find one that works for you, more power to ya.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs4444 said...

Good job on the exercise, Lady! I can't believe those losers who think their cars are an extension of their p-nises. He probably wears muscle shirts all the time, has an 80's mustache, and winks a lot, too. Creep.

I hope Miss HipHop stayed gone til your bath was finished, at least :)

Happy Thursday, Friday, Saturday !!