Tuesday, May 4

Cinco De Mayo

At school tomorrow we are selling Churros.. Mm mm, I had them in Mexico once, and I loved so I am looking forward to 1:30 :) We are raising money for a orphanage in Peru.
 In other school news on Monday I did a devotional.. I got great reviews on it, which was encouraging because I have no idea how much of it the kids will remember and if they would enjoy it. My sister B said that normally she  starts to fall asleep in chapel, but I was engaging and entertaining enough that she didn't.  I have some of it recorded.. So if anyone wants to see it, I might be willing to post it.. (I wore my wedding dress, and some amour) It was fun to do, and I loved hearing the kids responses to my questions.

There is only 1 month and 1 week left of school. Can you believe it?

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Bonnie said...

YuM! I love Churros!