Tuesday, May 25

Not quite eighty-sixed

Edit: I proofread after I hit publish, just to give you fair warnin.

 So did ya think I'd stop writing for good?
I heard rumor my blog vanished from readers for a while.. Not sure if it was a glitch or me just not writing. Although I did have the LPM blog stop updating on me which was really annoying.

  What's been up in my life? Not too much.. I spent this weekend reading, sleeping, digging in the dirt and watching an old family friend marry his sweetheart. Before that I've been doing a little work on the side, and reading a lot.

 I sure did enjoy this break from school. Sometimes the stress of children just gets to me. I love my job, and I love the teacher I work with but I know why I don't have any kids of my own yet :P
Everyone keeps asking me I will be returning to MVCA in Sept, and that's really truly in the Lord's hands. And the boards hands.

So what am I doing with myself this summer? Other then looking for a job, I have no idea. I managed to figure out that I want to see my Island friends and do a little vacationing and spend the summer in Terrace. I had my little heart set on camp this summer, but the paid positions are in the kitchen and for some reason it just didn't appeal to me. So I will probably go out and be helpful for a week or two at a time, depending on when my siblings are attending camp.

MRS.P had a garage sale and she managed to sell 1000.00 worth of stuff, sadly my new bar-b-q set was part of that. My fault for not pack ratting it back from her.

The man situation.. Hmm.... He's in Victoria, and writing like a maniac, but it seems to be making him crazy happy and it makes me happy to see him chasing his dream.

I am debating making cupcakes tonight because it's a certain teacher's birthday tomorrow. But it's 3 am.. Don't know if the anyone would appreciate it at this time. So wishing I had a kitchenette.

This past week has been more social for me then the whole month so far, I went to the pool on Wed. with an old buddy who I hadn't connected with for a few years.
 Thursday I was supposed to attend a Norwex Party or Gymnastics but I caught MiZ Carly's cold, and ended up napping all evening.
 Friday night Bonzai hosted a lovely dinner for Tams and I. It was lovely to drink a little wine, laugh a lot and eat really good food!
 Saturday afternoon brought a beautiful wedding, and I was able to see a few old friends, but didn't get to spend anytime with them because we weren't actually invited to the wedding so we figured crashing the reception would be pushing it. Although my little bro was sitting in the wedding party.

I am so friggin bored with my life right now. I have spent way to much time online playing RPGS. I have no motivation to lose the 10 lbs that are haunting me.. I need to make more money but don't want to get a part time job. I am so stuck in a rut it's not even funny. I feel like I've hunkered down at a cross roads and set up camp. At least I'm in a good safe place right now, unlike last summer or the one before it.

I am so excited to see MS Mouse's little sweetie pie in a month or so.. Or whenever she actually flies up here.

Do you know anyone who needs work? My dad is looking for able bodied, hard working peoples. He would rather not have to hire me to go roofing :P

Does anyone out there read Nora Roberts books? Because I wouldn't mind trading or lending them out over the summer.

I think my side-tracked little brain is almost empty now and now a few photos.

 Views around my neighborhood.

 My road...
 Cat sitting - one of the perks of my job
 The night sky looking westward
 Awesome moon
 My little Birdy was running up and down this hill, very over tired little Chicky.
The coin drive about half way through. We raised over 400 for new baby monitoring equipment.


Lollie said...

I think we've all been there Dear:) It's called a quiet moment, and they don't usually last too long. Just when you think it's boring and your standing stale, God has something to teach you. you may feel like a cog in a machine, but pray up cause just around the corner is some big stuff. Or so it seems in my life anyway:) God is always good and gives us the rest, even when we don't think we need it. And when its' time for more learning, He prepares the ground of our hearts and plants the seeds, and reaps the harvest.:) Harvest time is busy! Love you,
PS any time you want to come for coffee, my door is always open xoxo

Smellyann said...

Aw, the kitty's so cute...

Sorry you're in a rut right now. Lollie's right, we're all there at sometime or another. I'll be praying for you and sending a virtual hug. :)

Rudee said...

Hopefully, the right answers will drop into your lap. I love the photos! It is beautiful there.

Jadekitty said...

Thanks guys for the kind words!