Thursday, May 27

Really old post...

Parents deserted me today. But not before returning my long lost IPod, I paused for a moment of celebration before turning over and going back to sleep for an hour. Seriously this teachers aide thingy is wearing me out big time, to the point where I enjoy a two/three hour nap on week days.
 I skipped going to my church and went to my parents because the camp directors(Sagitawa) are in town and they were having a luncheon afterwards. After finishing up there I rushed off to a friend's house for a get together. it was Birthday/Superbowl, which sadly I would've enjoyed more if the game wasn't on. I was so bored, because I just can't sit still long enough to follow what was happening on screen. Although the few commercials I seen amused me greatly.
 The lady of the house gave us a tour of the reno's they plan on doing and they we chatted about knitting. She has a cute pattern for flower face cloths and Fingerless mitts. So after I finish this tormenting petal bib. I may start on some petal face clothes. I'm trying to make things that I can give to all my expectant best friends :) I finished the bib part so far but sadly it has some errors in it, and I really don't want to rip it out again, because it's too complicated to figure out how far back.
Ps this was written back in Feb.. :P
This evening I figured out a social schedule and a meal making schedule for the kids. It's been reported that Abe didn't shower for three weeks last time he was left under the supervision of siblings.. Although that isn't a problem for me. I just remind him of the time he went into a snow bank because he wouldn't get in the shower.. Or threaten to dump him in fully clothed.

Day 2/3  Yesterday was chaos on steroids for me. So much tension and interpersonal relationships gone wrong. Other then it was mildly cold and wet outside the day passed by quickly and I came home to prepare for the evening of busyness. Must make kidlets do HW. Also get them all dropped at the right places. I started attending a bible study with a girl from work. It's a Beth Moore Dvd study on Revelations. She is a very forceful and intense speaker. I sure wouldn't want to be her child and get caught doing something wrong. She was almost too intense for me. I don't think she had a natural smile once during the whole thing. But I really enjoyed the teachings. Plus I convinced a friend to join me :D They also give you rewards for doing our homework!
Tuesday: Barely could roll myself outta bed. Made a few minor wrinkles like not having time to sign planners or have breakfast (silly nutty bread) or find Beth's Math homework.

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Mrs4444 said...

um...that 2-3 hour nap thing? That'll put a dent in your ability to sleep at night, haha.