Thursday, November 18

Blue cotton tears.

I am in the middle of transforming some my jeans. I'm hoping for one pair will be skinny jeans, and the others hemmed. I counted 9 pairs of jeans and I've been moving towards a more feminine style of dressing. On that note, I have taken photos of my 50% off day finds, No, I'm not wearing any of them, because my photographer is busy playing w.o.w. and seeing as the last time I badgered him into snapping a few, I liked all my self portraits better. 

Update 1 hour later: After lots of pinning and poking myself, and taking before photos; I've scrapped the idea of skinny jeans for now. My body shape just doesn't seem attractive to me when I see my reflection wearing skinny jeans. I may take some of the flare off two of the pairs though. So I will stick to my leggings/tight collection for now, but AE is having a sale on the 21st and I really want a pair of Jeggings.

 Update 12 hours later: My pants are pinned. Now to be tried on and stitched. But I'm bored already. The thought hit me, Why am I doing the mundane when I could be designing a quilt or starting socks. Oh yeah, because hemming scares me less. Gone to work on my socks for two hours. Why? Because then my raspberries will be ready to harvest.

Remember my post on pie?
 Well I ended up with 4 types of pie in the house and some cookies, and that was bad. But tasty. So I handed off the Sour Cream Pear Pie to the MiL, after reading there was other 500 calories per slice, I couldn't work up any desire for it.  The cranberry one turned out under baked (this is the third time I've made it). So guess what I had for breakfast?!


Hannah Stephenson said...

I now enjoy skinny jeans, but they do take some time to get used to. Keep trying them, and with different tops--there is something dressy about skinny jeans that I appreciate.

Thanks for popping by my site to say hello!

HollyElise said...

I used to wear skinny jeans but then I got a pair of flares and remembered why I love them.
Lately though, I too have been dressing in a more feminine style - my black skirt goes with every top I have and it looks super-cute with no effort! Win!

Bonnie said...

I love Jeggings! I was a little skeptical at first but after I tried them on I was in love.