Sunday, November 14

Christmas in the air already?

Maybe it's just Abbey but I've seen people talking about putting up their tree on Facebook. Why? it's still 6 weeks away. I spent all of Rememberance day huddled in my chair watching t.v. and the next day I wandered out to check the mail and someone had decorated our mantel (we have these little lobby areas by the elevator) and so I had to check the third floor, and sure enough. I would have photos for y'all but I can't seem to find my camera, I haven't bothered to look really hard.
I do have pie on the brain lately. (Doesn't help that I get this email Pie Countdown everyday)  Today I whipped up a blackberry/blueberry combo, which to me was a little bit of fail, since the juices really made a soup in the crust. I picked a random recipe and yeah.. Not loving it.
I have the makings for Key Lime and Sour Cream Pear Pie, and I this one is tempting me.. I wish I had people to eat pie.. I think maybe my internal American is wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving again. Something about not getting my pumpkin pie just wasn't right. I had one small pumpkin tart while at home, but that just wasn't enough.
I tried a crustless cranberry pie, and it's amazing, although to me it's more like a bread/coffee cake. Mr.Darcy was craving chocolate, I wasn't feeling sympathetic because I had just popped the pie into the oven. But after trying a bite, he has found his new favourite food!
Does anyone have any family favourites or holiday foods they make at this time of the year?


HollyElise said...

This is my first Christmas away from home. We were hoping to be in a bigger place for December but now it looks like that'll be in January.

I haven't decorated the flat for Christmas yet because I'm in America and Thanksgiving is next week... Which is weird. Also weird that people eat Pumpkin Pie year-round in Hawaii!

My family doesn't decorate for Christmas till after November 25, my momma's birthday. TeacherMan's family already has decorations up... I'm sticking with my family's tradition though. Think we'll get a mini tree and I've got plans for a bauble-tinsel garland over one of our giant mirrors :)

Bonnie said...

Christmas is coming really soon! I already put my decorations up! :) Ps the pie countdown is really cool.