Wednesday, November 17

taking baby steps

I took the bus to a yarn shop I spotted the day. I swear I did a search when I first moved here and couldn't find anything. Apparently I didn't look hard enough. /Facepalm

I made it there ten minutes before closing time, and lingered over all the lovely sock yarns and I gotta say, if I make through knitting two socks, this will be the most expensive pair of socks I own. Then I wandered off towards the library and instantly got distracted by a quilting store, I've had to this itch to make a quilt. Now I've had two sewing machines sitting in my living room for a few months now, and other then mess around with a pillow case, I haven't touched them. Something to do with TV shows/Internet. I purchased 2 fat quarters and 2 half meters totaling 28.00 worth of material, and now I have to create a design. Insert panic and blank mind.

side note: I wanted to use bite the bullet as my title (because that was the phrase running through my head during this outing) but as a little wiki research, it totally didn't apply to yesterday. Although it does apply to this month and my personal life. But thats depressing, another day and post.


Lollie said...

Beautiful colours!
I set up my machine where I can see the tv. I have to watch and sew, otherwise I can't sew. LOL!

Bonnie said...

Oooo I think i have the same wool!...well not the same colours but the same type. Its the ones that make a pattern as you knit arn't they? I'm excited to see what you come up with for your quilt. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt. Ps...LOVE the picture :) keep it up <3

Lynnie said...

wool socks are the bestest.


Rudee said...

The fabrics and yarn are beautiful. As far as the socks...well, you only have one pair of feet. What's wrong with a little luxury for something that bears all of our body weight day in and day out?

Don't look to me for restraint. I can rationalize anything when it comes to yarn.