Monday, October 5

Major Crossroads

The song really describes my life right now. I've made my decision, and I now have peace about it. I know this is very elusive, but I am struggling with transparency and how much to share, to choose my words wisely to guard certain people. To make the wisest choice, to not air my dirty laundry as some would say.
How much detail is necessary for the world to know? Only what will help them. What in my situation will help you? The play by play or the his-story of it and glory of my Comforter in walking me through my valleys filled with shadows.

I've realized I am like a child who has too many new toys. I become quickly overwhelmed with my "dreams" list, "to-do" lists, and "every day" lists. So I don't do anything. Mr. Darcy made a very wise and valid point for me last night. I was worrying about where I should be serving, and what if I am in the wrong place, and I was getting all caught up in the rabbit trails of my worry. This is what always makes me distracted to the point where I end up doing nothing normally.

His perspective was "Which situation or where would you be more empowered to be a better person? Where you can become more or better, is where God can and will use you more, so focus on who you are or are becoming rather than WHERE you are."

I am so thankful for him.
Edit: thanks for the heads up Rudee (hopefully the video will work now)

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Rudee said...

I love a good mystery, but if the video will help me decipher your code, I can't seem to view the thing.

You know, I believe there are no accidents. We are what we are and where we are for a purpose. Go with the floe my friend, and open your heart to the answers that are probably right in front of you. Hospice nurses are full of wise sayings like this. I've come to believe that I'm in some peoples lives (short as they may be) for a very good reason--especially the ones in terrible pain. I don't fear the tools at my disposal like some nurses do, perhaps due to my many years as a critical care nurse, and I often do an excellent job in managing pain crisis.

I've come to accept that God does indeed work through me. I'm wise enough to allow Him to keep right on doing it.

As for the mystery of your post, if you don't want to speak up, it's smarter to keep silent.