Saturday, July 31

22 wild years

This one is the cause of just a few of my dear mama's gray hairs.
 Happy Belated Birthday Caleb!!

Dressing up runs deep in the blood

3 weeks after our wedding we went to visit him.
Sit skiing champion!
He is doing something  I've always wanted to do

He would live in the river if he could

Did I mention he also can do cool things with his hair. Cool hair also runs in the family!

Birdy and Unca C

This should have been published yesterday but I totally blanked out and forgot I started this like a month ago.
I heard rumor he did crazy things in the water for his birthday. 
Wish I could've been there Bro, Miss you. Love you!

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HollyElise said...

Just a few of Mama B's gray hairs?

I'd guess he's the cause of more than a few!! Haha.