Friday, July 30

Late Edition: Friday Frags

Head on over Mrs.4444's for more lovely fragments, and someday I'll figure out to how to add her lovely button my posts. 
  • Starting this at crack of dawn was not my idea.. Na, I wanted to do it when I got home, after I edited some photos. But I got sucked into the black hole of "other things" on the internet read:Facebook
  • So lets start with some photos and I'll go from there. First up is the awesome find of Blackberries.
  • Trying to reach the ripe ones

So next we have the Thursday Night Jams. For about 6 week local bands are playing the park right down the street from me. This week I went and enjoyed the whole night and found a necklace that I'm hoping is still there next time and that I've convinced myself to spend the $38 on. 
Jam in Jubilee
Next up some ducks in Mill lake where my bro-in-laws love to fish. I still haven't actually gone to the lake and enjoyed it yet, but I did get to walk a crossed the board walk and we've driven around it. My F-I-L works with  Parks and Rec so he likes to tour all the parks in the evening once in a while :)
Home made Reese Peanut Butter Cups

Last but not least, Peanut butter cups - Home Made style. I whipped up a batch of squares for the family picnic but decided that maybe we needed a second batch. Boy what I wrong. We started cutting the first pan up and it made a ton. But I  had already started the second batch with a diff recipe and was committed so we made some cups and then I threw the rest into a pan. We ended up with enough to take to my sisters 18th birthday the next day. The picnic was great fun and I got to meet the two newest additions to the family but marriage (that I know of) There are quite a few married cousins with no kids around our age it's really neat coming from a family with not many cousins my age.. Hmm speaking of cousins. 
Now that I'm living in the same town as one, maybe I should call them up sometime.. 
  • I haven't seen a real day of rain since I drove home with my brother almost two weeks ago, the temps have been anywhere between 24-32, and Lost Lake isn't around the corner any more. I've taken to shutting the curtains from 3-7 pm to keep out the direct sunlight and we just have our windows open 24/7 to let the breeze in. 
  • I took a video of the hallways in our building because I love'em. But I'm afraid it's really dark. But I'll upload it anyways. (see above)
  • I have a new to me computer thanks to my inlaws! My old beast is sitting beside me minus a power supply. So I'm thinking I shall purchase another power supply and some more ram for the new one and we will be good to go.   This one can play movies thankfully mine was being picky. But I still love my old one because it's comfortable albeit slightly unstable and annoying at times. I'm still wishing for a laptop. But at least with some ram I think I may be able to play WoW & G.W. again!! Plus maybe Starcraft2
  • So we've met our upstairs and downstairs neighbors.. (This is a mostly elderly complex) the Lady upstairs came down to make sure she wasn't disturbing us because she is a night owl. Since we've been keeping a really late schedule it's all good with us. The only I sometimes hear is the floor creaking. Then a few hours later Mr.Darcy was challenging me on the Wii Fit Plus and we get another knock on the door. It's the Downstairs Man, asking up lighten up on the feet. Which I can totally understand one hand, but really irritates me because I don't know how I should play the Wii in the future. Like can I play for an hour and attempt to be quiet and then that brings to mind my concerns about when we watch movies. What exactly can they hear? 
  • Laundry is another thing entirely. I stepped on someones toes by taking their wet blanket and pillows out of the washer and setting them nicely on the dryer. Now if it would've been personals, I wouldn't have touched them. But I was trying to be efficient and get my day going. Well when I came back there was a note posted. To the effect don't touch other peoples laundry and have patience. So I posted this on FB and got back a few different opinions and a few stories of horrible reactions. But what really gets my goat is 3 hours later my stuff is draped all over my living room, because now I want to go out and I still haven't been able to get my stuff into the dryer because the person is still drying stuff. I want to go write on their sign in response. Please be prompt on removal of clothes from machines.  But I haven't. YET.
  • I asked to see paint chips, and I'm thinking I might do the bedroom and bathroom and possibly the guest room/study. So if and when I start that project I will be taking photos. Until then keeping waiting. Cause I don't feel like finishing the unpacking/stashing random junk yet. 


Lollie said...

YOu sound busy! Blackberries are so yummy! Did you get enough to make jelly;)

Jadekitty said...

Your right I sound busy but I truly feel like I am not doing nearly enough right now.. ie I feel lazy.

My mil and I are going to pick more berries when they are ripe, we only got a small container that day :)

Jen Wilson said...

That laundry thing annoys me too. It annoys me when people leave their clothes in forever but it also annoys me when I set a timer for when to get my clothes and get there 30 seconds after it's gone off and someone's already taking my clothes out. I could TOTALLY understand if I left them there for a while - then it's okay - but RIGHT when it ends? Not cool.

I hate shared laundry!!!!

Glad you're settling in though. :)