Saturday, July 10

Summer fun

Tomorrow is the wedding! Yesterday was the shower/stagette for Miz Rachel :) It was entertaining and she is getting some lovely cousins. We went to this adorable lingerie shop in Abby and then to Aradia Fitness to learn some dance moves. Let's just say it was enlightening and some of the girls had been there before and were really good. I think I'll stick to belly dancing, it's way more of a cardio work out for me. The weather has been scorching hot the last two days, thankfully today has been breezy with some cloud cover coming in. The temps have finally fallen to 75 inside. The grandparents have a pool so some days we can escape up there! Last week was freezing cold, and everybody wondered if we were ever going to get some more heat.

 So some big announcements will be coming down the tube soon.... But first I just want to get everything finalized..
  Sorry there hasn't been a fashion show post yet, I thought it would easy to grab images and link up to the clothing websites, but that failed. So I will have to take some photos of everything :)

 Anyways I should stop hijacking Corb's computer and figure out what to get Rachel for a wedding gift.
Lastly some more photos..
Metro town --- Shopping!

Bubble tea shop, in Crystal Palace Shopping Centre

Monkey Puzzle Tree!

New style of roof covering!

Downtown Abbotsford

The Husband driving his parents 92 Vette.  I french braided his hair (yes it's that long)

Remember this post? Well that's the scar I'm getting.

 Hope you all are having a great summer.


Rudee said...

Have great fun at the wedding!

I love the name of the girlie store. Tushltd. How cute. And I adore the monkey puzzle tree. It's beautiful.

Lollie said...

Sounds like fun!