Saturday, December 17

Eternal student

I used to agree with Mr. Darcy that people who never quit going to school and changing majors and accumulating students loans are stupid people.

 BUT now I only agree with the amount of debt accumulated.  I really, really, really want to go back to school and since I haven't narrowed my choices down, I am self educating by reading books right now and trying to get into a better financial place. I hate having debt, especially since the only thing I have to show for it is life experience, and travel. I was raised smarter then that. But I made dumb choices.

 Now I'm trying to make wise choices. One of them I made today was making sure to deposit all my cash into the bank, so I can't blow it at 7-11 on bad tasting Pumpkin spice lattes and M&M's. (because honestly other then food, I don't do any shopping in Chetty)

 The second wise choice is to keep reading finance books and blogs like The Simple Dollar. I am almost finished "The five lesson a millionaire taught me for woman" by Richard Paul Evans.

It's easy to understand and only has five principles to apply and doesn't talk about BUDGETING. This has become almost a swear for me. I hate trying to figure out approx how much money I am going to make, and because I didn't have a local bank here for 6 months. Cash wasn't available to put into jars. So I'm going to give up on budgeting for a while and just track my expenditures and go from there to figure out how much I can cut back on my needless spending.

My job is bringing in decent money right now, but I'm thinking I would like to work a few more hours, so I may work at the Subway next door, or apply at one of the other places in town . I figure once I've made the 25 km drive I might as well work as many hours as I can. Because right now my free time is spent watching TV, wasting time on FB, knitting, reading or sleeping.

I really miss having family and close friends around a lot. To the point where it's no longer boredom that I'm suffering from but loneliness.

Which isn't a lot of fun, but I keep repeating to myself "This is only temporary, and for a time, and this too shall pass" Which helps me keep my living in the middle of nowhere in perspective.  Some days I win, other days I don't.

In the local chiropractor's office they have this poster, and it really encouraged me.
"Some trees grow very tall and straight and large in the forest, close to each other. But some must stand by themselves or they won't grow at all".

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Benjamin Davidson said...

I love being in school. If I could afford it I would absolutely be a career student, and proud of it.

That being said you're not entirely wrong to think there's a problem with some types of people that are in school for ever, shifting interests and never settling on things - the real problem is with the people who do this only because they were irresponsible, and didn't care to plan or think about what they wanted to do during the first 20 years of their lives. Very often it's this same group of people that chooses to go to college only because they don't want to work, or because their parents will pay their way through it, but choose only to take the courses they heard were easiest, with no foresight into their own future or their own interests.

As long as you avoid that kind of behaviour, and pursue education after spending some time thinking about what you want to do with your future (in fact, everyone should do this, frequently, regardless of whether they're thinking about going back to school or not!), and so long as you aren't going to school just to avoid facing the world, I think you're doing great!

Gary Pryzner said...

There is never anything wrong with learning! It is a gift from God in every aspect. Wisdom is better than learning, because it is applied knowledge. And knowledge not applied is folly.

Spending someone else's budget is also bad news, because debt only sleeps for a while, as you have learned... and then it rears its head to bite hard.

Having is okay. Saving is wise. Hoarding is folly. Wanting can be a trap. Giving is awesome. But learning to be satisfied.. that is key. "Godliness with contentment = great gain."

Rudee said...

"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” ~ Albert Einstein

World wide economics has an effect on us all. If you must change your education for another major to get ahead in this world then that's what you must do. Given that you seem to love nature, perhaps you could explore geology. Now there is a group of scientists who seem to make a bit of money. I know my sister did, and so did my niece who took forever to get her undergrad and changed majors a half dozen times. She is now in a geology grad school program in Texas.

The answers will come if you keep looking.

Lynnie Ha said...

when reading i thought of this video..... ((((hugs))))