Monday, December 5


Growing up my dad always left a tip and told me the word meant to "To Insure Prompt Service", but after reading the wiki page on Tips, I stand corrected.
 With my new job, I get tips. They can range from alright to really good. (although really good normally happens when there is an error)
 My highest tip so far is 21.00 on one order. Which was during a crazy busy night, and two gentlemen were arguing over who got the honor of paying the bill. So I solved it by splitting the bill for them, (which was about about $72 each) and they each gave me a tip. My second highest tip was my first night and I learned that wearing my dress coat and smelling good gets $15 tips.
 When the weather is nasty outside the tips tend to be higher, and possibly when I'm not wearing my glasses. (I am still experminting with this theory)
 When I am driving my own car I get paid per delivery also, so when I don't get a tip from the customer, my fuel is still covered.

This is an interesting read on tipping.
I'm writing this post mostly for feedback.
  • Do you tip?
  • What and why do you tip?
  • When wouldn't you tip?
Thanks for reading!

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Benjamin Davidson said...

Ha ha, we are shallow creates, us men.

1: Do I tip? Yes, every time.

3: When wouldn't I tip? Only if someone was intentionally rude to me or showed a complete lack of concern for their job.

2: What and why do I tip? I tip 10-15%, depending on the size of the bill - for a bigger bill, it's a smaller amount, because it doesn't take you twice as much time or effort to bring me an order worth twice as much money. As for why, , I tip because I feel it is expected of me, and I'll be judged as rude, cheap, heartless, or inconsiderate, by the server, by my friends, and by anyone who asks me my about my behaviour on their blog :) Also, yes, I do catch myself tipping more, both when the server is someone interesting, or more often, attractive, or when my own dinner companion(s) are interesting, or again more frequently, when they are attractive. I want to be remembered by those people as wealthy and generous, yep.

That all said, I really, really don't like tipping. I think it's an awful practice. Companies should pay their staff what they're worth. The cost can ultimately be added to the cost of my meal or whatever else I'm paying for, and I understand that it would, but at least that way the cost is shared fairly by everyone. Also, it saves idiots like me from dropping an extra couple bucks on a girl with nice legs that had my eyes wandering, and it gives the less attractive servers a chance to compete.

Here's the thing: you shouldn't have to tip for good service. Good service should be what we all expect, and servers should be rewarded with a good paying job, a sincere thank you from their clients, and positive feedback from their managers. On the other hand, bad servers, and their managers, should be given direct criticism, not the passive-aggressive revoking of some kind of gift.