Monday, December 19

silver streaks

Brushed out up-do!
Why do the 5 silver hairs I've found on my scalp mortify me? They make me want to color my hair. But I like my natural color. I am trying to embrace them. But they are very noticeable to me. I see them every time I am pulling my hair back in the mirror.

I like my hair in general when I take the time to do it. But I'm hitting that point again, where I want to do something funky.
 The last time this happened I ended up with dreads, which only lasted for 3 months, because I found they were too much work, and I wanted to find employment and was afraid of the first impression I would make. Which is silly now looking in retrospect because I didn't get a job until May 2011 which was cooking at camp and then I would've fit right in this year! (two girls had dreads put in at camp but ended taking them out after about 6 weeks-12 weeks)
 Although, if I had dreads I would've never been able to do this with my hair :

Any suggestions on what I should try next? I'm tempted to do a wacky hair color, or go short and sassy again. 

Right now I wear my hair pulled back most of the time, because I have to wear a dorky visor at work and it's more food safe.

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Rudee said...

Sometimes the silver looks lovely. Whatever you do, don't pluck them, for when you pluck one silver hair out, 10 of its friends move right in.