Monday, June 9

Blog Your Face Contest

This was stolen straight from: Chic Critique. I participated in their blog your face and had such a great time I thought I would host one so that all you guys could participate. So the deadline is next Sunday, June 15th by 8 pm PST. The Prize? Some BeautiControl Moisturizer and the rest will be a surprise. (or posted as soon as I figure it out)

BLOG YOUR FACE on YOUR blog, and leave a link in my comments, I will draw the name of one lucky blogger to win a neat prize and announce her (I'm assuming it'll be a her. I suppose anything could happen, though!) on Monday (June 16th).

Your post should include a minimum of the following (although please feel free to give us more, more, more, if you dare!)

  1. a picture of your face, bare naked, unmade-up and fresh as a daisy
  2. a list of the skin care and make-up products you use daily, with brand names and colors/shades
  3. an "after" shot of your face all prettied up


design for mankind. said...

Oh this looks like such fun! :)

Jenna said...

Unfortunately my before and after aren't all that different! Thanks for visiting my blog!