Sunday, June 29


Camp is good, 14 mins before bed and I'm dead tired. I slept so much yesterday. We arrived at 5:30 am, Chris
drove the entire way.
 I went to breakfast, and then slept from 10 am to 4pm then we stayed up till 12:30 playing and winning capture the flag.
I got to be a sniper in mission impossible. As a result I'm extremely sore. With not a lot of energy to move.
 Tonight is the beginning of Reach Out and I have two campers, Kari and Deshanna, one has not confirmed to have accepted the Lord yet.
The weather is amazing here, and they have so many fun outdoorsy things to do.
I'm hoping to climb the wall, do archery, rilfery, kayaking, canoing. Among other things. Which I shall list later
because I have nine mins till lights out and need to get my girls in bed, and brush my teeth.
Pictures to come when I convince Chris to let me use his laptop.
 PS I went 24 hours without internet/facebook/blog/cellphone!

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