Saturday, June 28

Number 7

Ezra David, the sibling who shares an August birthday with me.

Last night they dyed his head to look like a rainbow patchwork quilt.

He has many fun dye jobs over the years, for wacky hair day at school.

He very adorable growing up and always the life of the party and made everyone laugh.

He has quite the cute little giggle now.

We always give him a hard time because he likes to walk into conversations half way and say "what? Huh? What's going on?" When you try to explain it to him, he is totally lost and you waste more time trying. It's better to say, "Never mind."

 Isn't he adorable?

He has always excelled academically and loved school, he is very smart and is always way ahead in his work. We tease him about the simple things always confounding him.

I remember once when I was cleaning and he was supposed to be helping me, I asked him to go get some elbow grease, please. He went looking and then came back to ask "Where do I find the elbow grease?" I cracked up and finally took pity on him and explained that I meant we needed to just work a little harder and whatever we where cleaning would get clean.

He has one best friend and they've been inseparable for a few years now, spending days on end with each other.

The other day I mentioned something about girls and I got the typical 14 yr old's response: Eww Girls.. In his mind they still have cooties, and are not a object of interest.

 Ezra is in the blue and brown striped shirt.

Ezra has taken up baking this past year and makes the best cookies ever! He makes Better then oreos and many other kinds. Remembrance Day I made cookies for the guys at work, and I did 6 times too much butter, and it was awful, trying to add more and more flour. After that I told Ezra I was resigning from the cookie making, and letting him take over.

One more, just to show you how much of a goof he is!

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