Wednesday, June 25


So I'm packed mostly. But no word from Carl.. He's not at home, not texting me back.

The weather is dry, with high clouds. This is not fun.

I was totally excited to go hiking.

In other news, I am going to the Sagitawa bible camp. Which reminds me, I should call them.

So I will be back in 10 days or so.

Grrr.. He better call. This is getting more lame.

No news. Stupid boy.
Anytime you want to go Joni just give me a call
I called the camp, and I'm leaving Friday evening.

Updated again: at 11:30 I got a text msg. He was sick (but why couldn't he tell me that earlier)
This morning I found a facebook msg from 12:20, saying he slept until 8pm.. blah blah. But no apology. Geezs. What's up with that?

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