Saturday, June 21

Last night I had all intentions of ending up at Chris's Birthday party (Sorry Chris)

But then I started talking to a friend on FB and he wanted to go out to X2 where some friends are going to camp. So I thought hey, that sounds like fun. Then Joe talked to Carl, and we convinced him to take his truck. Save my car the bumpy road.(the guys I drove out there with, and Jess who was supposed to come.. but haden't shown up yet :S)
The goofball who organized it :)

Departure time was bumped up to 7 pm. (I wanted 8:30)

I took Ezra to Save on, and we grabbed him snacks and me, water. So I met the guys and Erin at Boston Pizza, and we headed out.X2 Waterfall from last year

We beat the boys (who are camping) out there. It's a beautiful site, and I had never been there before. Carl and I scouted the water for wood and then reported back to Joe and Erin and they went and dragged it all back! (we decided to be the brains, and let them be the brawn) Joe kept wanting to go to town for his camping gear, but he finally gave up and just enjoyed himself. It was nice to hang out with a lot of people from the past. The bugs were so bad. I only did get one bite though on my leg, which I found in the shower this morning.(ITCHY)

The friend who still was MIA at midnight when we left

And the life of the party :)

Then we went to the northern because Carl had a ticket for the a Jazz band which was pretty good. Not my kind of dancing music though. I met two girls who have known Carl for years, and they were entertaining :) The night ended really late, and then my dad woke me up this morning at 8:50am Darci I just heard you are more available.. So come to prayer meeting in 40 min.. Me: grumble grumble. I'll come next week dad.. (in my head I'm think... I want to sleep..) Oh yes, and my dad said he will pay to organize his seminar that he is putting together. Woot for answered prayers on how to pay the bills. Plus I am doing his payroll and paying bills for the company.

I rolled out of bed and had a quick shower, then realizing (b/c I'm house sitting) I have two clean shirts and undies, but no clean pants. So smokiness it was. But when I got there another lady had come in from camping! so I didn't feel to bad about flavor I was adding.

So now I am once again avoiding De junking my room. I did find a great pair of pants my mom pulled aside. Woot for being a little smaller then a size 29.

now back to work, Bonnie just checked up on me. and I'm not cleaning, but I'm adding linkys and pictures because she gets bored easily likes photos :D

Tonight is up in the air, a few choices- Northern for the jazz again, X2 to see the guys again.. don't know. Whatever is I'm happy just to have friends to hang with.

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Bonnie said...

Woot for pictures! Get anymore cleaning done?