Saturday, June 7

Warning Dirty confessions ahead.

  • I hate messiness
  • I lived in a constant state of it for a year
  • I love organized clean stuff. rooms, offices, yards. It's an obsession. I love pretty looking things. That means if it's clean and well made it's Pretty. Dragon boy never could wrap his mind around it.
  • Save on Foods appeals to me because it's green. (I'm all about green, in every sense)
  • My room inspiration came subconsciously from the youth room I helped paint :D
  • The husband has heavily influenced me in my design thinking, I love all zen/Japanese style things now.
  • I am OCD about love color. I am not artistic but I am creative
  • I want to paint my "dream" house a funky color just so that when's gray and raining my house will light up the street and even maybe make the neighbors complain, I want it to be a beacon of hope and light. A safe place for people to hide in when they need it.
  • I am taking a small break from cleaning and purging my closet.
  • Which is a huge and full of clothes. I HAVE SO MANY THINGS!
  • I love most of them dearly I have packed them with me for more then 12 yrs. (Not that I've moved a lot. But I still have and wear dresses from the first grownup road trip with Penny. (this was 10 yrs ago this summer, I FEEL OLD)
  • I might even do a photo post of all this eventually.
  • But above all else. I never have people over because I could never get the yard and house organized looking. ( I am ashamed of this. but it's deep rooted and eons in the making.) So on June 22 I invite all the women to come over and visit.
  1. To swap clothes, laughs and hugs
  2. to see my new and improved room
  3. to give me a deadline to get my butt moving
I love you all. Now back to work!

ps the only reason I am home today is cause the dingdongs men at work bumped me.

Everyone say Hi to Laurie who commented for the first time a few days ago! Yea!!


starla said...

hey darci! would it be okay if i put a link to your blog on mine?

joni said...

looking forward to seeing your new room..

maybe it will inspire me to paint. ha

*marking the day on the calendar. whoot whoot .. girls nite.*