Sunday, June 1

Wound up tighter then a spring.

Warning: Random Post!

So I have been totally slacking, but nobody is leaving their complaints yet.

So I don't feel too bad. Yet.

When ever the sun is shining in hilly billy town, you can find me outside.

So I must get a laptop with wireless soon so I can sun tan and write :)

(or at least that's a good way to justify spending more money :D)

So where I do start.

Had an amazing weekend camping, more fun then I expected..

Only had to work one day this weekend!! (after the explosion last weekend, it was a good thing)

My dad is stressing me out.

Parents veto the buying a truck idea :S

Might buy a motorcycle instead!

Wish that my husband was here to snuggle with..

Get to babysit the niece tomorrow.. dreading and looking forward to this.

Promise to post photos sometime this week.



Mrs. Wilson said...

wireless laptops are AWESOME!

I'm glad you had a great weekend!

design for mankind. said...


joni said...

put your name in Gwens draw for the laptop.

motorbikes.. wow.. i saw a scooter for sale.

dads are good for the 'stress' to lift..

are you working this week?? if you arent ...want to hike about?