Wednesday, June 11

Whew.. That day is done.

Yesterday was craziness. I met two friends at the airport, both did not recognize me. Which brought great amusement to me. I guess that's what happens when you do your hair and put on nice clothes. It was well worth it.

Dentist appointments, My hygienist was an angel and she encouraged me a lot in my relationship by sharing about hers.

I had my acrylic nails taken off, and then went to the optometrist to get my contact lenses checked out.

So I'm getting a whole year's supply which will probably last me until I need to get a new prescription.

Then I picked up some pears and sour cream, to whip up Pear Pie, (I hate pears, but love this pie) I had to make the crust because I forgot that it graham cracker crust.
I made two casserole dishes and a pie dish full.
The kids took one to school for lunch today, we've been nibbling away at the other. The third one was delivered to a friend who reported that it was great!

There is something so satisfying about baking/cooking and letting it bless people. The pastor's wife shared on this tonight. That she gets to serve God's people. I feel the same way.
Although as much as I don't like all the women jokes and what not I am very traditional in my thinking.


Smellyann said...

Mmm, pear pie sounds delicious right now!

Janel said...

Ummm. that pie sounds so yummy!

I love pears actually. I do like to cook for others, but know that people that really have the gift of hospitality are filled up by it.

I luckily have 2 great friends who love to bake and send the goodies to me!