Wednesday, June 18

the last few days.

I caught something while I was camping.. It started Sunday morning with achy shoulders and general tiredness, turned into sicky feeling on Monday, I did a few home remedies, by 7pm when I was supposed to go to a Tupperware party I was feeling so bad I had to cancel. (the paint fumes probably didn't help much) Monday night found out some info that kept me awake and gave me a restless nights sleep, so I ended dozing until 12pm, came home and went back for more sleep from 2-4. This is insane for me. I then went to my sisters and felt tired but we watched half of the bucket list and I read until 1:15, and had a weird sleep cause the baby wakes up at 4:30 (I spent the night there so I can take baby home while my sister works) then I came home around 10, laid down at 11 and got up at quarter to 2. I've been doing a lot of praying and crying out to God, to show me his ways and plans for me. His future, because with this illness, I've been really depressed. (my own fault) but it's been hard on the brain. I can't get the energy or motivation to get my room organized. So I will probably have to change locations for the clothing swap. On top of all this, I have to go to talk to my boss at work, about the job. I have a small reason to wonder, but it's nerve racking.

The bathroom is painted. Well the new green is up, but now I need to sand the blue and repaint parts of it. I am so tired of painting and waiting. I just want to move everything out and only put back the good stuff. :( wahhhhhhh
Oh yes I hung up my new curtain rod for the divider for my room. Now I need to go sew the curtain..

Alright, I think as soon as I hit post I shall go sand so I can more painting.


mrs. wilson said...

Oh wow. Crazy things happening at the Darci place. I hope you have fun at the clothing swap! I'm sorry I can't make it - crazy week we have coming up!

Smellyann said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope that you get better soon. I want to see pictures of the 'new' bathroom!