Tuesday, June 24

No Sleep

I was so tired last night I skipped prayer meeting. Read a book my dad gave me for a 30 mins, and tucked myself in at 8ish. Then my brother wanted to borrow my car, and another brother wanted to use the computer. My dad decided to come check out the bathroom. Then my mom called, oh by the way I am picking up your sister from soccer. I tossed and turned until like 10ish. Then I read some more of Agatha Christies Bio. Finally at 11:30ish I gave trying to sleep. So I watched 3 ep of Alias. Finally at 2:10 I was starting to get tired, and went up to bed. But the rain was pouring down and it inspired me with a line of a poem. "Like rain on the roof your arms are safe, familiar and comforting."
So I wrote it all down, and then tossed and turned and I swear I looked at the alarm every hour until 6am... Boo. I finally slept and woke up at 10am.
So much for getting a good night's sleep and getting lots done today.
I have applied to work a bible camp next week. I filled out the forms for the criminal record check. Emailed off a few character request forms for people to fill out for me.

The only downside is that I wanted to be cabin counselor and the form is for Laundry/Cooking assistant. :S
Plus I would miss camping this weekend (I would leave friday) if Carl can actually go.

I've been quite bored this week, now that my room is cleaned up and I didn't have a party last night. I feel at lost at what to do next. Although I have a list
  • Sew Curtain
  • Paint the last part of Bathroom
  • Review first chapter and take test

But I need to log some hours in the office and organize the filing cabinet.
So I'm off to get some work done.

Oh if the weather permits, I might have convinced Carl to hike Maroon Mountain with me!


joni said...


i dont think i like carl.

Darci Darci Darci.. why carl.

i come with my own truck. ..water.. snacks..coffee protection..ok dogs. smile

alright i feel like i have pleaded and begged overly... hehe..

just don't forget your camera.

be safe AND have fun.

Andrea said...

Ohhh...I love hiking! I hope you get to go with Carl. :) And yeah...those nights where you just can't sleep really stink...hopefully you can get a better nights sleep tonight!!