Sunday, June 29

Child Number 6

Meleah Dawn...

 My mom picked out her name, when she was pregnant with her third. She had to wait till number six, to finally use it.

 She is born in November, the 3rd girl in the family. She is turning 17 this year!

She has her motorcycle learners license. So if I ever get a bike insured I am taking her out riding!

Meleah is the most like me. We have similar body shapes, and she has my blond hair (before I started changing the colors) We both love to read, and can be quite snobby.

We both have glasses. (from reading in the dark) She is definitely more sporty then me though (she is playing soccer this year), and used to hate having a clean room. Which drove me crazy, because I like neat and tidy.

 She is very musical and plays the guitar really well. We took voice lessons together growing up, really she didn't need the help. I did. On father's day she sang a beautiful song in church and for my wedding reception she sang our song, both accapella and she always hits every note perfectly.

We all love to dress up and here is her and Ezra :)

Meleah has a few close girlfriends, and i'm happy to say they are all good friends. They all go to the same church and school, none of them are boy crazy maniacs.

She is a Venturer this year and has been in scouts for quite a while now, they went to Quebec last year and she has done quite a bit with them. She loves camping and doing leadership things at the younger camps.

This is her and her friend who is a boy. (they both like each other, but dad said they are too young to date)

 She is 16 this year. I think back to how much boy trouble I was in at that age, and she is doing good!


We have a few of the same friends, which is cool. Because they are a great influence on her!

When Meleah was born I was so excited because I would finally have a sister who let me do her hair. But do you think she actually would. Nope.

  I remember when she was about 7 or 8 months old, I had her on my mom's bed and she hated hats with a passion, and I put one on her and screamed bloody murder. My mother was yells from the kitchen Darci what are you doing? Just videoing Meleah throwing a fit about wearing a hat :D

 We both share a love of the color orange. When we shared a room, I wanted to paint the slanted wall in our room so I let her pick out the color, which was creamsicle orange, and that is where my love it started. I ended up using Orange as my wedding color :)

 We also share a love of country music, which would be my fault :)

Well that's all I can think of for now.

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I totally love your sibling updates!