Monday, June 16

Lazy Weekend

Father's Day was a lovely day of boating.

We went out to Ackerman point on the Kalum River and then we boated over to the Hart Farm for old times sake, it was a blast. We roasted smokies and made the dad's open gifts. I can't find my camera.. so no pics.

It was late when we finally made it home, I didn't remember until this morning that I was supposed to meet with someone last night. oops.
So off I rushed this morning to meet and tour the house I shall be staying at. Dinner parties anyone??
I must get my room organized. UGH. I only have 4 days to finish it because I might be working this weekend. (who knows lately) and I'm hosting a clothing swap on Sunday.. What was I thinking..

So far I've gotten one coat of green paint on the bathroom walls. I need to do a second coat in a few hours and sand some spots and re paint the blue sides.

I think for now I am going to file a lot of loose paper and figure out what area of my chaos to clean out, and hopefully not take a nap today.

I woke up so sick this morning. But I think I chased it off.

Till next time.

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Smellyann said...

Sounds like a really busy week for you! Hope you get to take it easy some, too...