Sunday, June 8


So Where is everyone?? I know it's nice out. and I don't always leave a comment either, but I can tell that almost 50 ppl look at my other post.. and only 14 of you left anything.

Heather wrote a great post about this.

She really sums it up.

So does Beth

Thanks for letting me air my pet peeve of the day!


Smellyann said...

Don't worry, I'm sure people are reading - I get so many more readers than I do comments. I wish they would say "hi" or something, too! :D

joni said...

bahahaha... why why why do you care Darci girl... you rock and if people are peering into your blog and not commenting ...don't even worry about it.

ps missed you the other night..
when do we get to get together?

i may just have to come and find you. *wink*